About Us

The Lift Factory is a hardcore gym that is owned and operated by three life long friends that were born and raised in Las Vegas. All three are committed to the Las Vegas community as public servants, two work as Firefighters and the other as a Probation officer. They have excelled both academically and athletically all the way through college and have decided to use these skills to better their community. Their dream was to own a gym that provides a place for student athletes to better their skills, first responders to stay fit and a place for bodybuilders to work on their craft.

There are countless things wrong with the commercial gyms in our community. They are overcrowded, primarily with individuals that are not committed. They go to the gym to socialize or to sit on their phone.

The warehouse design along with loud music, dropping weights, and making all the noise you want in order to get that last rep, is the atmosphere we have created. The gym is supposed to be rough and rugged, not marble floors and pop music. Our goal is to bring back the tradition that Gold’s Gym and Eifermans left behind.

 The Lift Factory is making 'back then' the new NOW!